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What We Do

She Who Learns is an anti-racism, equity, and inclusion group founded on the belief that "she who learns, teaches."  We are a group of Black women educators who work within our communities to organise, educate, train, and mobilise a critical mass of Black and Brown people (queer, trans, documented/undocumented, differently-abled, non-english speaking/english speaking, muslim/non-muslim, low-income/poor, rural, urban) focused on co-creating and maintaining liberatory spaces in schools and communities.

Our healing-centric work within our communities addresses internalised racial oppression, adultism, and anti-Blackness to foster and maintain healthy, educated, empowered communities prepared to confront and undo racism. As our young people's elders, we centre Black and Brown young people and their work to organise and build with the participatory democracy principles and goals created by Ella Baker. To this end, our intergenerational collective focuses on

  • supporting organisations working for social change in minimising hierarchy and standards of “professionalism”;

  • resolving social problems through engaging in direct action; and

  • centring grassroots people in the decisions that impact their lives.

Our youth-centred political education aims to

  • (re)connect with our ancestral epistemologies and healing-centred practices to address the trauma of our communities through earth-work, herbalism, energy-work, spirituality, doulaing and midwifery, amongst other practices;

  • understand racism and other systems of oppression to define and practice getting free;

  • undo adultism;

  • develop critical and radical consciousness and leadership skills;

  • actively create a healthy understanding of our intersectional identities;

  • establish cross-generational and multiracial relationships; and

  • address the needs in our communities.

We are critical lovers of the U.S. education system with a keen eye on educator preparation, support, and development - specifically of Black teachers and other teachers of colour working in communities of colour.  We endeavour to make education (and all) spaces worthy of young people by fostering systemic changes in educator preparation, support, and development, shifting the philosophical and pedagogical foundations to radical racial equity and actively undoing adultism and racism.

Our Methodologies:

  • Liberatory Education & Organising

  • Youth Participatory Action Research

  • Cultural Work & Organising

  • Language Justice

  • Intergenerational Organising

  • Popular Education

We provide a wide range of services to adults working in education (speaking engagements, professional development, trainings, workshops, consulting, advocacy, community organising) on all aspects of K-20 education, including:

  • Antiracism

  • Cultural & Linguistic Responsiveness

  • Culturally Responsive/Sustaining School Cultures

  • Culturally Sustaining Spaces

  • Equity & Inclusion

  • Exceptional Learners

  • Intergenerational Instructional and Culture Rounds

  • Literacy & Numeracy Curricula

  • Professional Learning Communities and Lesson Study

  • Responsive/Sustaining Family and Community Engagement

  • Special Education Law & Advocacy

  • Teacher Preparation & Development (Including Mindsets)

  • Youth Development and Organising

Our recent clients include schools, departments, and educators in:

  • Chicago Public Schools,

  • Dallas Independent School District,

  • District of Columbia Public Schools,

  • East Baton Rouge Parish Schools,

  • Fairfax County Public Schools,

  • Howard County Public Schools,

  • KIPP San Antonio,

  • Morgan State University,

  • Louisiana State University, and

  • Recovery School District (NOLA).