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Freedom Schools, Farm Cooperatives & Community Spaces

We use a 21st century, youth-led model of yesterday’s intergenerational Freedom and Indigenous Schools and Farm Cooperatives to co-create intergenerational community, grassroots leadership that will co-construct a movement to ensure we all get free.

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What We Do...

Our Freedom Schools, Freedom Farm Cooperatives and community spaces support the healthy development QT*BIPOC youth and adults committed to (re)creating sustainable relationships with land, place, and space.  We live lives of hope, love, and self-discipline through excellence rooted in the ancestral knowledge of our communities, AND co-create (new) generations of critical thinking, confident people.  As culturally and linguistically sustaining spaces for equity and inclusion, we bring together communities, leverage intergenerational cultural organising, and use our voices and power in pursuit of justice and equity for all communities.


We understand that without Black farmers there would have been no Freedom Schools.

(Soul Fire Farms)

Where We Are

We are currently working in our home communities in the Greater New Orleans Region of Louisiana; the Southside, Hampton Roads, and Richmond Regions of Virginia; and the Northeast Region of North Carolina.

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