Our Vision


The vision of She Who Learns is to co-create intergenerational community, grassroots leadership that will co-construct a movement to ensure we all get free.


Our vision is to

  1. build power and advantage for our communities through grassroots organising, political education, and leadership development;
  2. maintain freedom schools & spaces in which we are safe and our cultures, ancestral epistemologies, and individual stories are held sacred;
  3. support the healing and health of our communities through the centring of earth-work, herbalism, energy-work, spirituality, doulaing and midwifery;
  4. promote social entrepreneurship and sustainable, collective use of resources; and
  5. hold spaces where coalition building and teamwork are honoured as our greatest assets, discourse and discussion is respected, dissent and disagreement are valued, and dialogue that is action-oriented is encouraged and embraced to better understand systems of oppression.

Our Values


We value our ancestors and elders, their ways of knowing, dreams, struggles, sacrifices, and legacies.

We value our spirits, lives, and collective personhood.

We value the work of the oppressed, poor, disenfranchised, and marginalised.

We value free expressions of humanity, love, sexuality, culture, art, and speech.


In the spirit of Anna Julia Cooper, we value Black liberation and self-determination through community-rooted political education.


In the spirit of Ella Jo Baker, we value intergenerational, grassroots, lifelong, anti-capitalist, democratic leadership.


In the spirit of Mary Jane "MJ" Wilson, we value indigenous cultures, ancestral knowledges, and stewardship of land.


In the spirit of Ida B Wells, we value speaking our truths and organising against injustices and for human dignity.


In the spirit of Florynce Rae "Flo" Kennedy, we value Intersectional, Black feminist organising and rebelling for justice.


In the spirit of Nina Simone, we value cultural organising and the inherent value and beauty of Black women and femmes.


In the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer, we value community-based rural and economic development and freedom zones that include farms and schools.